The Railroad Evangelistic Association (REA) exists to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the entire railroad community worldwide and to promote mutual Christian fellowship among those in the railway passenger industry, railroad freight industry, model railroad hobbyists and all rail fan enthusiasts. 


     REA is also registered as on the webpage and is recognized internationally with RailHopeInternational, the world wide train ministry. 


We believe everyone, everywhere needs to be on the right track to Heaven through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Above is pictured Luther S. Harkey, (1885-1949) at the throttle of engine 1646, founder of the Railroad Evangelistic Association. Incorporated in 1941. Proclaiming the Good News of Christ since 1938 through the Railroad Evangelist magazine, “All Aboard!”


The Railroad Evangelist Magazine---
“All Aboard!” has been in print since 1938, we are always looking for original railroad related photos, drawings or paintings. We want your stories, articles, and personal testimonies (300 – 800 words) or poems that would be of interest to our readers of the Railroad Evangelist magazine.   Currently, the Railroad Evangelist magazine is published three times a year in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Typed material is appreciated.  Material sent in will be returned upon request.  REA has no paid staff.  We are unable to pay for stories, testimonies and or photos but they will be returned to you upon request. Thank you. All Aboard !


Please send  all photos, testimonies, poems and  Railroad related stories to:

Mr. Joe Spooner


PO Box 5026

Vancouver, WA 98668  or to

EA President

Conductor (Ret) and National Leader in Railway Ministry

Mr. David Wiegand

Past President and REA Advisory

Conductor ( Ret ) and National Leader in Railway Ministry

South America Ministry

Mr. Allan Carpenter

Vice President

Operations and Membership

Mr. Chris Harkey

Vice President


International RailHope Representative

Mr. Don Howell


National Chaplain, Pastor in Winchester, Virginia

Chapter President of Northern Virginia REA

& REA Life Member and Railway Retiree

Rev. Paul Campbell

Editor ALL ABOARD Magazine

Railway Evangelistic Association

REA Life Member and Key Leader

Mr. Joe Spooner

Representative to IRM

For Webmaster and REA Information:
International Outreach Ministry and REA Life Member

Col(US Army-Ret) Don Howell

REA International Liason with IRM

Rewith RailHopeIndia
Pastor Arul Raj ( Pastor and IRM Outreach)

Membership & Donations:

Membership, Accountant & REA Life Member

Mr. Jim Bliss, REA

Contact any of us you want to start a local or state Chapter or to get a REA information

All Aboard!

“We serve as Encouragers, Chaplains, and Prayer Leaders for all who love the Lord!”

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  • Freight Rail
  • Subway-Commuter Rail
  • Model Railroading



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